Offering you a personal relationship built on trust and mutual understanding, financial advisors at UNFCU Advisors GmbH are committed to helping you achieve your most important goals. Drawing upon an extensive range of financial strategies, backed by multi-national capabilities, your financial advisor can help you create a comprehensive wealth plan.

Financial Planning
Financial planning is the foundation of each service we provide and each decision we make. We approach planning as a long-term commitment as we design strategies that can effectively preserve and enhance your wealth.

Wealth Planning Services
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Life Insurance Planning
  • Advisory Services
  • Portfolio Management

  • Wealth Preservation
    Your financial advisor, in conjunction with independent attorneys and accountants, can successfully create and implement an estate and tax plan, maximizing the value of your estate while minimizing your tax burden and professional and court fees. Additionally, our team can minimize the cost of probate, creditors, attorneys and estate taxes, and seamlessly execute the transfer of your estate with minimal tax implications.

    Wealth Transfer
    One of your top concerns may be how to transfer what they have accumulated and preserved throughout your lifetime to family, loved ones and charities. Your financial advisor can help you plan for a well-defined wealth transfer strategy while considering your personal tax situation. Our goal is to preserve your financial position while we consider all the issues that are important to you, so that your assets are passed to your loved ones in accordance to your wishes.

    Professional Money Management
    We can formulate a diversified*, tax-intelligent portfolio that successfully embraces your personal vision, from charitable giving to the enhancement of capital, minimizing volatility and generating attractive after-tax returns.

    Retirement Planning
    We can help you identify the best method of securing your financial future, taking into consideration your current financial situation, risk tolerance and goals. In addition, we can develop a long-term strategy to balance your goals, such as potential income distribution and retirement. *Diversification does not assure a profit or guarantee against loss in declining markets.*

    * Service is provided in cooperation with a partner; for further details please note legal notice and disclaimer.